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After what appears to be an absence of more than a year, near to a year and a half since I have posted here. Talk about lazy! With mobile devices and every major business have their own apps, a person would think that I would have posted something, anything during that time. I have thought about it and something else got in the way.

Today, is a new beginning for me. I have resigned my position and starting over. Life Starts Now is an understatement. Thank you 3DG!!!

I have been listening to some old school 80’s metal and lots of Thrash, current and old. This morning I am listening to one of my all time favourite bands, W.A.S.P. and their very awesome album THE CRIMSON IDOL.

Be Careful What You Wish For… It May Come True

The Crimson Idol album cover

THE CRIMSON IDOL is in my top 3 albums to have on a desert island.


Out of The Darkness – 8 of 14

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The Darkness give us big guitars and high pitched screams in songs like Dinner Lady Arms. Sure it wasn’t a single but the song makes me want to pick up my air guitar and lipsync along. One Way Ticket to Hell… and Back has been referred to as “the world most expensive penis joke”.

Nothing says The Darkness like an over the top guitar solo in a wedding dress!

Lovin’ the Classics – 7 of 14

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When you follow a band throughout its career, certain songs will stick with you no matter what. It doesn’t matter how well they charted or how successful the album sold. Those songs get sticky and won’t let go, these are true classics.  AC/DC – Touch too Much is one of those songs, that has stayed the test of time, from the classic Highway to Hell album.

From AC/DC’s overlooked ’80’s era.


Yup, that’s good … 6 of 14

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Filter has grown beyond it’s industrial origins and have crafted songs that have garnered themselves international attention and extensive radio play. Buried deep within the Anthems for the Damned album is this little gem. Honestly, I am not a big fan of this band but the occasional song sticks with me.

Filter grabbed my attention with this classic, Hey Man, Nice Shot!


It’s June not April – 5 of 14

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Walk Through Fire, recorded in 1985, was supposed to be the last April Wine album. Even though Rock Myself to Sleep did not chart, it is still a hit for me. Definitely a song with memories attached. Rock Myself to Sleep combines a straight-up 80’s sound and a touch of vintage April Wine to create a perfect example of 80’s rock.

The video is slice right out of 80’s history.

Underrated Groovy Surprise – 4 of 14

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Even though I love this song, it is a surprise to me that is made my top 14 most listened to tunes of 2014. David UsherUgly is Beautiful. Great voice, great song with a smooth groove that makes you move. I know that was CHEESEY but my fingers have a mind of their own sometimes. This song was one of four singles from 2007’s Strange Birds.

Honestly, David Usher is one of the most underrated talents in music, as a solo artist and as the singer of Moist.


Sign in Please! Hey, wait a tick, it’s 2015 – 3 of 14

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Autograph was one of those 80’s bands that produced a few albums, a few hit singles then faded away. I have read a few articles in the last 2 years about the band, the reunion and their upcoming album. In 2002 Buzz was released, with singer Steve Plunkett as the only original member. Sounds and smells like Autograph. Sure the sound has matured but still has that throwback 80’s sound.

A reunion in 2013 and a new album in 2015, featuring a new vocalist. Here is where it all began. Turn it Up!