New Appreciation for Too Fast For Love

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I don’t know if it is because 5:14am is what time my wall clock tells me that it is. Or maybe it’s because I am on my second cup of coffee or maybe it is because often wake and bake. I am going to say all 3 with a BIG +.

I sit here listening to Too Fast For LoveMotley Crue (as if I needed to tell you). An album, I haven’t listened to in a VERY long time. Since 2015 is their last touring year. I wanted to refresh myself on the entity that is/was Motely Crue.

I read that Live Wire was voted the 17 greatest heavy metal songs. So, what better place to start, the first song form their first album. Live Wire – Too Fast For Love – Motley Crue.

Within seconds my brain was screaming FUCK YES!

Songs like Merry-Go-Round, Piece Of Your Action, and Too Fast For Love instantly get my brain rockin’. Not to be overlooked though, is the supporting cast of Come On And Dance, Public Enemy #1, Take Me To The Top, Starry Eyes, and On With The Show. Almost like listening to it for the very first time, Too Fast For Love left me feeling alive and energized. You can feel the ATTITUDE that would shape the future of music forever.

I have had the great fortunate to have seen Motley Crue twice, each time they kicked my ass, left my ears bleeding and wanting the show to go on forever. I wonder if they will end their FINAL show, how they closed their debut album On With The Show?

The BIG + is that this album ROCKS!

Ted, Shut up and Jam!

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I have been a long time fan of Ted Nugent. An old grade school memory – A dear departed friend came up to me and said you are always listening to Ted Nugent, he is like your Uncle Ted. We were is grade 5 and portable music was a great thing, especially when I got a new portable cassette player. I listened to music as much as possible. I had rechargables way back then ’cause I burned through double A batteries is no time flat. Any who … Yeah he was one of my favs back then. Times change, over the years Ted’s music has collected some dust, with the exception of a few of his classics which are in regular playlist rotation.

I recently gave Shutup & Jam! a listen. A few of the songs stood out and others are filler. Overall, Shutup & Jam! lands right in the middle of the Motor City Madman’s discography for likability. Check out the cuts with special guest Sammy Hagar – She’s Gone and Everything Matters – Derek St. Holmes takes over on lead vocals. Let’s start with the title track itself.

No video for this one so here is some audio.

These songs are the prefect example of the great music Ted Nugent can make when he Shuts Up and Jams!

Nickelback – formula or not

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As a fan of music, primarily rock and metal along with all their derivatives. My love for Nickelback has changed from regular rotation to an occasional listen. It i s not because they are making bad music it is because the music and lyrical content really does not change much other than Going form a rocker to a ballad. There is no denying that they are popular and have a real following. Over 50 million copies sold world wide. Good for the boys in Nickelback. Maybe they have bee resting on their laurels and staying true to the “Nickelback formula”. Here the Nickelback boys are throwing some creativity into the mix. Check out Edge of a Revolution from No Fixed Address releasing November 18.

Check out this guy who has put together a crowdsourced campaign to ban Nickelback from London. 

The above is a lyric video for the second single What Are You Waiting For? There is no denying “Nickelback formula” here!

It’s John Garcia – Voice of Stoner Rock

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You are probably asking who the hell is that. Well John Garcia is the former singer of Kyuss, my first taste of what was to become some of the best Stoner Rock around. Garcia went on to a few different projects and is currently singer for  Vista Chino. You have to check out Peace by Vista Chino. Another solid album. Now more about John Garcia.

One of my favourite albums of 2014 is the debut album by John Garcia. On first listen this album made me think of the first time I listened to Love by The Cult. It captured my full and undivided attention. Garcia uses his voice to pull you into each and every song. His voice is messed into the mix of the other instruments to create a very solid album, that captures the essence of Stoner Rock, with Confusion being the odd song out.  Here is the lead single – My Mind. Check it out now!

Here is the first song I ever heard from Kyuss – One Inch Man


Danko and the Banana Peel

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The first time I say these guys was in a small club called the Blues Underground in Prince George. Maybe 50 – 60 people. We sat off to the right side of the stage near a table of guys who were eating up a storm. Next thing we know, they get up and hit the stage. They food guys were Danko Jones. This show was one of the best I have ever seen. The energy coming from the stage electrified the small underground venue, yes the venue was in the basement of a building in downtown PG. I had heard their EP – My Love IsBold, a couple of time before and instantly fell in love with Bounce.

Now this is what I am talkin’ ’bout!

You did what he said, you watched him play guitar.

At the end of the show, Danko came out eating a banana. He stands in front of the mic, saying nothing but eating the banana. When he finished he pulled out a sharpie and signed the peel and threw it out onto the floor and said ” That will be worth a million dollars one day” and walked off the stage. This blew my mind. The f***** arrogance of the guy. That’s Danko Jones.

Here is the first of a trilogy of cool vids, with an all star cast.

He’s Canadian, ‘nough said, eh!

Waiting for it or not – Hear it is!

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Fans have been waiting for this since 2008. Slipknot have release The Negative One. Video to follow on August 5th. Have a listen!

The wait has ended …

HA HA HA HA HA – BANG! – Again

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The first cd I am going to sum up is BANG! by Gotthard. This is their 2nd release with vocalist Nic Maeder, this album ROCKS! Sure it starts off with “Kate”, then BANG!  speaks for itself. Feel What I Feel has a nice little groovy hook served up with some catchy vocal work. Rockers like Jump the Gun, Spread your Wings, My Belief and Red on a Sleeve pump some heavy into the album as the band to explores the approach of “let’s see what sticks this time and go from there”. Damn it works I really like the album.. The vocal range and style from Nic Maeder. gives the band some experimenting room to take some chances and see what sticks. I have been a fan since I first listened to them in 2008. All in all it is a solid album for Gotthard. The new vocal styles of Nic Maeder give the band room to experiment with some new sounds. The epic Thank You is true to the foundations that Gotthard has been built on. One great track. I will say a 4 out of 5.

Here’s a little BANG!.

Oh yeah, the title is from when I say the name of my last post. BANG ! BANG! Ya’ll.


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