Danko and the Banana Peel

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The first time I say these guys was in a small club called the Blues Underground in Prince George. Maybe 50 – 60 people. We sat off to the right side of the stage near a table of guys who were eating up a storm. Next thing we know, they get up and hit the stage. They food guys were Danko Jones. This show was one of the best I have ever seen. The energy coming from the stage electrified the small underground venue, yes the venue was in the basement of a building in downtown PG. I had heard their EP – My Love IsBold, a couple of time before and instantly fell in love with Bounce.

Now this is what I am talkin’ ’bout!

You did what he said, you watched him play guitar.

At the end of the show, Danko came out eating a banana. He stands in front of the mic, saying nothing but eating the banana. When he finished he pulled out a sharpie and signed the peel and threw it out onto the floor and said ” That will be worth a million dollars one day” and walked off the stage. This blew my mind. The f***** arrogance of the guy. That’s Danko Jones.

Here is the first of a trilogy of cool vids, with an all star cast.

He’s Canadian, ‘nough said, eh!

Waiting for it or not – Hear it is!

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Fans have been waiting for this since 2008. Slipknot have release The Negative One. Video to follow on August 5th. Have a listen!

The wait has ended …

HA HA HA HA HA – BANG! – Again

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The first cd I am going to sum up is BANG! by Gotthard. This is their 2nd release with vocalist Nic Maeder, this album ROCKS! Sure it starts off with “Kate”, then BANG!  speaks for itself. Feel What I Feel has a nice little groovy hook served up with some catchy vocal work. Rockers like Jump the Gun, Spread your Wings, My Belief and Red on a Sleeve pump some heavy into the album as the band to explores the approach of “let’s see what sticks this time and go from there”. Damn it works I really like the album.. The vocal range and style from Nic Maeder. gives the band some experimenting room to take some chances and see what sticks. I have been a fan since I first listened to them in 2008. All in all it is a solid album for Gotthard. The new vocal styles of Nic Maeder give the band room to experiment with some new sounds. The epic Thank You is true to the foundations that Gotthard has been built on. One great track. I will say a 4 out of 5.

Here’s a little BANG!.

Oh yeah, the title is from when I say the name of my last post. BANG ! BANG! Ya’ll.

… and Bang! It is over – #12 & 13 of 13

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Without further delay, we are down to the last two of my top 13 of 13. I have heard the phrase “it is better to burn out than fade away”, not for just years but for decades. Let’s end this mother with a BANG! These two tracks are from two very different decades and each one kicks ASS!

First up we have Battle BeastStay Black. These guys are from Finalnd and are setting themselves apart of other new school rockers with a good ol’ school heavy metal feel combined with a great set of PIPES, has set Battle Beast apart. From their first album, Steel, this is the bonus track.

Since, I really liked the bonus track, here is a bonus track for you. \m/

Now, we finish off my top 13 of 13 with # 13 – April WineYou Could Have Been a Lady. You read that right, the 70’s Canadian rockers. Yes, they are out touring and giving the fans a blast from the past. Here they are direct from ’70’s.

It has been a blast reliving my top 13 of 13. Stay Frosty!

Get the Title Right will Ya’ – #11 – 13

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We have broken into the final 3 of my top 13 of 13. And we are still in no particular order as we head into FilterKill the Day. Sure this is from 2008 but I really, really, really, really, really like this tune. In case you have any doubts, listen for yourself.

Enjoy your Day!

Another Hump Day! – #10 of 13

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Being in the middle means you could go either way as the choice is yours. Here is a band that has been there done that. ANVIL! These guys were at the heart (middle) of metal in the early ’80’s. If you have not seen Anvil – The Story of Anvil. To show you how METAL there  guys are, here is Juggernaut of Justice by Anvil!

Check out the trailer for Anvil – The Story of Anvil


Ah Crap! – #9 of 13

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Kind of fell off the ol’ wagon. Without further delay lets get  back to it with #9 of 13 and the final repeat, shall we,  W.A.S.PMercy. this track is from their 2007 cd – Dominator. I have listened to W.A.S.P. since ’84. Love all their music to this day!

Hell, Blackie Lawless and the crew are hard at work on a new disc Golgotha. Can’t wait to take it out for a couple of spins around the block.



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